Party of Three (Lilly Pearlman, Neil Pearlman, Joe DePaolo)

First Course

Innovative contra dance music on

fiddle, piano, drums, banjo, mandolin


Selected Samples

1. Kievelle (Lilly Pearlman) / Drummond Castle

2. King’s Reel / Double Digits (Lilly Pearlman)

3. Bittersweet: A Sad Step in the Right Direction (Lilly Pearlman) / Che Sapore Burroso (Neil Pearlman)

4. Banjo Therapy (Neil Pearlman) / Conlagh’s Big Day (Brian Finnegan)

5. Cavers of Kirkcudbright (Mike Vass) / Love Free (Lilly Pearlman) / Turf Lodge (P/M Angus MacDonald)

6. Poon Hill (Brian Finnegan) / Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie (Phil Cunningham)

7. Sierra Lullabye (Neil Pearlman) / Lang’s Waltz (Ed Pearlman)

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