Ed Pearlman & Beth Robinson: Boston Hospitality

 Scottish fiddle & piano for listening and dancing

Guest Musicians:  Ruthie Dornfeld, fiddle; Doug Scott, hammer dulcimer; Barbara Russell, bass and harp; Gary McGrath, drums

“Milestone album for the Boston Celtic community” –Boston Globe

“Precious artistic jewel ... no lover of Scottish music should miss the opportunity to acquire a copy.” –TACTalk


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1 Lord Huntly's Cave (march, J.S. Skinner) / The Rocket Hornpipe / Mackin Street (hornpipe, Ed Pearlman)

2 The Mill Mill O (song/strathspey) / New Claret (918 jig) / Loch Earn (reel, Nath. Gow) / Earl of Breadalbane's Hermitage (reel, Niel Gow) /  Bob Johnson's Reel

3 Laura's Slow Reel (Ed Pearlman)

4 Mrs. Maj. L. Stewart of Java (air, W. Marshall)  / Banks of Spey (strathspey, Wm. Marshall) / Lady Madelina Sinclair (strathspey) / Lord John Scott (reel, Wm. Marshall)) / Mrs. Gordon's Reel (Wm. Marshall)

5 Lachlann Dubh (air) / As a thoiseach-Keep It Up (reel, S. Fraser)  / Lexi MacAskill (bagpipe reel, Dr. J. MacAskill)

6 Rumle Quadrille (trad. Danish)


7 Boston Hospitality (jig, Ed Pearlman) / Farewell to the Creeks (P.M. J Robertson) / Pipe Major Sam Scott (P.M. P R. MacLeod)

8 Gillan's Reel (reel, P. Milne) / The Kilt is My Delight / Battle of the Boyne

9 Ms. Gillian McMullen of Cambridge (strathspey, Ed Pearlman) / The Forth Bridge (W. Blyth) / Sailor Scotty (E. Pearlman)

10 Stool of Repentance (jig, Niel Gow) / Snaim a'phosaidh–Nuptial Knot (S. Fraser) / The Sailor's Wife

My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing / Mr. Charles Graham's Welcome Home (Wm. Gow) / Earl of Morton's Jig (Wm. Gow) / The Lassies of Dunse

11 Da Tushker (reel, R. Cooper) / Da Grocer (Tom Anderson) / Millbrae (R. Cooper) / Tame Her When da Snaw Comes / Calum Donaldson (R. Cooper) / Sleep Soond ida Moarnin

12 Man on the Couch (waltz, Beth Robinson) / Lady Lepley (Ed Pearlman)