Lilly, Ed & Neil Pearlman:  HST

HST (the Highland Soles Trio) has toured the US and Scotland with double fiddles and piano.  A tight and original sound with exuberant spirit, including trad and new tunes.

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Audio samples:

  1 101 Reasons to Do Nothing (Bruce MacGregor) / Slide from Grace (John McSherry) / Fourth Floor (Gordon Duncan)

  2  Lament for the Loss of Something Intangible (Ed Pearlman)

  3  Mrs Grant of Laggan / Leaving Lewiston (Ed Pearlman)

  4 Aald Swaar / Jack Broke da Prison Door / Kale an Knockit Coarn

  5 The Bassline Reel (Ed Pearlman)

“Please know that you and your family's performance here in Colorado Springs is truly the stuff of legend and not a week goes by that we don't have someone call and talk about it.”

(KRCC Celtic Show, Colorado public radio)

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