Neil Pearlman, piano, keyboard, arrangements

Doug Berns, electric bass

Javier Ramos, congas

Alex Cohen, drums


Neil Pearlman:

Coffee and the Mojo Hat

  Scottish tunes with Latin, Funk and Jazz influences

1. Alison House (4:17)

Alison House (Neil Pearlman) / Carol-Anne’s (Allan Henderson) / Dashing White Eejit (Allan Henderson)

2. See Minor (3:34)

Mrs. Gordon of Gight (Isaac Cooper, 18th cent.) / Soup Dragon (Gordon Duncan)

3. Farewell (4:27) with Nicole Rabata, flute

Farewell to Whalley Range (Michael McGoldrick) / Shputnik in Gleshiel (Martyn Bennett)

4. Pipe March (3:30)

Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis (Donald MacLeod)

5. The Laundry Set (4:24)

Pressed for Time (Gordon Duncan) / Good Drying (Roddy MacDonald)

6. Monymusk Lads (4:04) with Elizabeth Burke, vocals

Monymusk Lads (Trad.) / Lochaber Badger (Fred Morrison)

7. Sailor’s Wife (4:12) with Alasdair Fraser, fiddle

The Sailor’s Wife (Trad.) / Miss Robertson of Tullybelton (Nathaniel Gow, 18th cent.)

8.  Spootiskerry (4:18)

The Appropriate Dipstick (Phil Cunningham & Iain MacDonald) / In Passing (Neil Pearlman) / Spootiskerry (Ian Burns)

Special guests:

Alasdair Fraser, fiddle

Maeve Gilchrist, vocals

Nicole Rabata, flute

Ed Pearlman, fiddle

Elizabeth Burke, vocals          Alba’s Edge

9.  Forgotten Daze (3:46)

Forgotten Daze (Michael McGoldrick) / Shetland Fiddle Diva (Ian Lowthian)

10. Skyedance (6:02)

Paddy Maloney’s Trip to Scotland (Mike Katz) / Skyedance (Trad.)

11. Highlander’s (5:05)

Highlander’s Farewell to Ireland (Trad.) / Lime Hill (Dan R. MacDonald) / Mutt’s Favorite (Jerry Holland)

12. Mill Mill O (3:55) with Ed Pearlman, fiddle

Mill Mill O (Trad.)

13. Butterfly (5:19)

Butterfly (Trad.) / Timmy Collins (Trad.)

14. Afton Water (3:46) with Maeve Gilchrist, vocals

Afton Water (Trad., words by Robert Burns)

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