recordings rooted in Scottish music

Since 1987

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Neil Pearlman: Coffee and the Mojo Hat

Scottish tunes with Latin, Funk and Jazz influences

Piano, congas, bass & drums, with special guests Alasdair Fraser, fiddle; Maeve Gilchrist, vocals; Nicole Rabata, flute; Ed Pearlman, fiddle; Elizabeth Burke, vocals


Party of Three:  

Lilly Pearlman, fiddle

Neil Pearlman, piano

Joe De Paolo, drums

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Scottish Fiddle Rally

Highlights from a historic concert series of Scottish & Cape Breton music

Innovative music for listening and dancing, by a great contra dance band.

Traditional Scottish fiddle but...On the edge of jazz.  Ed Pearlman, fiddle, and Neil Pearlman, piano, a unique listening experience.  Tightly interwoven, heartfelt, rhythmic.  Appearances by Laura Scott (rhythms) and Lilly Pearlman (fiddle).

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Ed Pearlman & Beth Robinson:  

Boston Hospitality

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Ed & Neil Pearlman:  

On the Edge

  Scottish fiddle & piano

Listening and dance music Ed Pearlman and Beth Murray (Robinson).  With guests Ruthie Dornfeld on fiddle, Barbara Russell on harp & bass, pipe sgt Gary McGrath on drum, and Doug Scott, hammered dulcimer.  Airs, strathspeys, reels, jigs, waltzes, tunes old and new.

Historic recordings by Aly Bain, Alasdair Fraser, Buddy MacMaster, Natalie MacMaster, Jerry Holland, Ed Pearlman and the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club. Also Greentrax CDTRAX154

Coffee and the Mojo Hat On the Edge Scottish Fiddle Rally Boston Hospitality Party of 3

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Alba’s Edge, featuring Neil & Lilly Pearlman

Run To Fly

  Scottish fiddle & piano

Expressive melodies of Scottish fiddling blend with jazz improvisation and harmony, funk bass lines and the rhythms of Latin America, in a new sound BBC Radio Scotland called "a wonderful concoction."

A hybrid of Scottish and Cape Breton traditions as performed for over 30 years by fiddler Ed Pearlman , with jazz and Latin music influences from pianist Neil Pearlman – an expression of America, crossroads of cultures.

American Scottish Alba's Edge

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Ed & Neil Pearlman:  

American Scottish

  Scottish fiddle & piano

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Lilly, Ed & Neil

Pearlman:  HST

HST has toured the US and Scotland with its unique double fiddle and piano sound.  A tight and original sound with exuberant spirit, including trad and new tunes.  This 5-track CD is $10 and features three trio and two duo numbers.