Ed & Neil Pearlman:  On the Edge

Traditional and original tunes with hints of jazz harmonies;

fresh and innovative, yet true to the heart of the music.

1. Paddy O’Rafferty/The Shepherdess

2. 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio (P/M K.G. Roe) / Off to New York (Ed Pearlman

3. Muir o’ Gellan (P. Milne) / Mme Frederick (Wm. Marshall) / High Road to Linton

4. Willie Fernie (A. Fraser) / Lady Doune (Nath. Gow) / Lennoxlove to Blantyre / The Black Hat (Ed Pearlman) / Jack Daniels Reel (J.M. Rankin

5. Lament for John Morris Rankin (M. Rankin)

6. Neils* (Ed Pearlman) / Nuptial Knot, Snaim a’phosaidh (S. Fraser) / Brumley Brae (Wm. MacPherson)

7. Forglen House (Wm. Marshall) / Miss Gordon of Gight (I. Cooper) /Gordon Castle (Wm Marshall) / Mr Edward Wagstaff’s Fancy (Wm Marshall) / Kohler’s Hornpipe

8. Mull of the Mountains / Cuffe’s Retreat (Ed Pearlman) / Mr Murray / Daldowny’s / Uist Regatta (Ed Pearlman)

9. Bei dem Rebbe’s Tish (Yiddish) / Troll polska (Swedish) / La Valse des Jeunes Filles (French) / Old French (Canadian) / Beatrice (Italian) / Bluegrass tune (American)

10. Rathven Market (P/M I.Duncan)

11. Joy Gae wi’ My Love / Duncan McGillivray Chief Steward (J. McGillivray)

12. Auld Lang Syne / MacPherson’s Lament / Fr John Angus Rankin (J. Holland) / King George IV / Miss Shepherd (J.S. Skinner) / Ruidhle nan Coileach Dhubha / Lilliana (Ed Pearlman)/ Lilly’s Reel (Ed Pearlman)

13. Beautiful Moments (Neil Pearlman)

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On The Edge by Ed Pearlman and Neil Pearlman is a cracking album of tunes on mainly fiddle and piano. It demonstrates clearly the love that Ed and Neil have for the music of Scotland, Cape Breton and elsewhere, with Neil's jazz influences shining through. A real gem."  – Ian Green, president of Greentrax Records, Scotland

Tightly interwoven, heartfelt, and rhythmic... ...Fiddle music from Scotland, Cape Breton & beyond blended with jazz piano influences